Hrithik Roshan has done it again, with his new HRX ad. It seems like the Kaabil actor has taken up the mantle to inspire everyone in the country. First, he came up with the defeat, defeat advertisement. Now, he has come up with #KeepGoing.

It’s not like the advice that he gives is good advice either. If someone keeps working out like Hrithik does in the video, they are going to tear their muscles and hurt themselves. “It’s okay. You’re only human. There are some things you can do, there are some things you can’t. Let go. It’s good enough. You’ve done enough,” Hrithik tells Hrithik (talk about narcissism) in the video. Interestingly, that is the only time he makes sense. To classify common sense as self-defeating is completely irresponsible considering the number of fans he has.

The ad comes back a long time after the ‘Defeat, Defeat’ advertisement. “Victory never happens in that comfort zone,” Hrithik said in that ad. What victory is he talking about here? Is building six-pack abs victory? Is doing 25 pull-ups in one go victory? If it is, then who are you defeating? According to Hrithik, you are defeating defeat. But then, according to him, “Defeat isn’t even a real thing.”

Yes, we are just as confused as you are. Hopefully, Hrithik stops making such videos in the future. They might give him a superhuman aura, but it’s not good for thousands of gullible teenagers who are going to take his advice to heart.