We are celebrating Pride Month by bringing to you some amazing LGBTQ+ community stories. The community, that has been fighting for the basic rights to love, has come a long way. In India, Section 377 is no more valid, more and more people are getting comfortable with their identities and are now okay being queer as well.

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The community that celebrates love, has, however, still fighting for its marriage rights in our country. While it is okay to be in a same-sex relationship, it is not ethical to get married to the person you love. Despite this rule, many same-sex couples have managed to get married, outside of India of course. Today, we are celebrating such couples. Check out our list of 5 beautiful same-sex weddings.

Amit Shah and Aditya Madiraju

The Indian-American New Jersey-based couple, Amit Shah and Aditya Madiraju’s was nothing but love. From designer kurtas to an epic venue, they had it all. After getting married in a City Hall in 2018, the couple wanted to celebrate it with their loved ones as well. Wedding planning, lots of shopping, a grand mehndi party and the fake candids with friends – this basically sums up their intimate ceremony at a mandir in New Jersey.

Ayesha Nageshwaran and Katja Hahnloser-Nageshwaran

After being friends for thirty long years, Nageshwaran and her partner realised that love was staring them in the face all this while. They got married in three cities with an intimate civil ceremony in Zürich, a reception party in Delhi and finally a grand wedding ceremony in Jaisalmer. The couple’s friends and family got together to celebrate the ladies and their nuptials, and showered them with love.

Rachel Shah and Marissa

Rachel Shah and Marissa had a rustic farm wedding at a place called, Frutig Farm in Ann Arbor, USA. Like their cultures, the wedding was a mix of both their traditions as well. Floral decorations, designer wedding dresses, happy families and the adorable couple made for a gorgeous wedding.

Colin Mascarenhas and Andrew

NRI Colin Mascarenhas met Andrew on a dating app in Chicago. Andrew loved and appreciated Indian culture, despite being a foreigner and that is what clicked with Mascarenhas. They decided to meet over a bowl of ramen noodles, and the rest, as they say, is history. They had two wedding ceremonies, describing which, Mascarenhas told Humans Of Bombay, “We got married in June of 2019 and had a huge celebration with all the possible wedding ceremonies — a Haldi, a Sangeet, a dhoti ceremony, and a western black-tie celebration… After all, you only get married to the love of your life once! We had family and friends travel in from all over to help us organize our wedding… I can’t even express the amount of love I was surrounded by.”

Sundeep Dosanjh and Sharath Puttichanda

Another amazing example of same-sex weddings is that of Dosanjh and Puttichanda, who tied the knot on September 25 in a Sikh wedding ceremony. They even got married according to the traditions followed by Sharath’s family a day later. Their wedding went viral in no time, and it was everything that people were talking about.