Even though the World Test Championship hangs in the balance and rain plays the main game in the final, the fans are no less. The rain sure has hampered the match, but it is indeed far from interfering with cricket fans’ spirit across the world. One moment of the joyous occasion was seen in the Hampshire Bowl, Southampton, England, where the World Test Championship Final took place. India has various famous dances worldwide, and we have often seen that people from different countries tend to perform our dance forms.

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On day four of the World Test Championship final, when the rain had taken over complete control over the match, a moment took place that people were in awe of. Two English people who had just come to enjoy the game as neutral fans were seen dancing to the bhangra tunes played by the Indian fans in the stadium. It was an instance that showed us that countries are only rivals on the fields and off the field. The love and respect for each other should be maintained. This video has gone viral, and the whole country appreciates the efforts of the two English men who performed casual bhangra for the first time. England fans are still at the stadium enjoying the peak test match cricket and the English summer at the same time. English summer has truly begun with a sad series loss to New Zealand earlier this month and would be playing Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India throughout the summer. English fans would be hoping that England can win all three series convincingly and mark their stamp on world cricket once again.

These two fans have indeed won the hearts and minds of cricket and dance lovers worldwide. There are very few things that lift your spirits, like a good session of bhangra with friends, and that’s precisely what seems to have been on the minds of fans attending the India vs. New Zealand WTC final.