At the start of the year, everyone respected Sushil Kumar in Wrestling and all across the sports federation. Every sport has one athlete that sets them apart from the rest of the pack. When you hear the name Sachin Tendulkar, cricket is the image that is formed in your head. When you take the name Usain Bolt, athletics is the first thought that comes. Likewise, when the name Sushil Kumar is heard, Wrestling takes centre stage.

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Sushil Kumar had had a great career before everything started to fall apart for him. He has been involved in the death of another fellow wrestler, and the witnesses have confirmed that he was the killer and he should be prisoned for a long time. These things haven’t moved Sushil at all as he is entirely focused on Wrestling and other competitions happening around the world. He has been allotted a television in his cell in Tihar Jail, where he has been kept. When this news reached the media and the press reported it to the public, it became viral. All the people across all social media platforms were outraged and were discontent with the fact that Sushil Kumar, who is on a murder trial, favors the outside just because he is a famous celebrity. Such things tend to make a mockery out of our judicial system, and such things wouldn’t help Sushil turn into a better man if this continues. People on Twitter were generally more hostile and showed their hatred towards Sushil.

If Sushil Kumar was in Jail for something minor, these things might have been considered and dealt with without any outrage from the people and the wrestling fans. Sushil has been charged for murder and is a prime suspect, so it is a good thing that he is focused on Wrestling, but at this point, the only thing that matters is justice being provided to the victim’s family.