Yoga is one of the most calming things a person can do to relax from all the happenings in life. Today, on the auspicious occasion of Yoga day, we look into one of the most recognized celebrities of India and how important yoga is to him. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is why cricket is a famous sport in the country and is also a reason why India is recognized as a sporting nation around the world. He is a big yoga lover and has even mentioned that meditation is essential to him many times.

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Sachin, during the 2000s, suffered a lot of injuries because of playing regular cricket. Then, someone suggested how yoga can help keep all the parts of the body fit and healthy. Since then, he has made sure that he will meditate and do yoga every day to keep himself relaxed and at bay. The first time he meditated and did yoga correctly was in 2005 when he suffered a tennis elbow injury which was very new to even the doctors, and only rare people suffered from this injury. He has passed on such valuable tips and lessons to his children as well. Last year, both his children, Sara and Arjun, were seen doing yoga together, and Sachin posted a tweet. Yoga was an inspiration for Sachin and has helped him become calmer in challenging and pressured situations. In all the tweets and pictures, he is seen doing yoga. He has looked relaxed and has been seen doing it nonchalantly at the same time.

During his injury in 2012, he did lots of yoga and meditation when he was out of cricket. However, his meditation only helped him be in a good mental state at the wrong time. Therefore, since then, Sachin has been seen doing yoga and has been a suitable means of promoting it within the youth.