MSK Prasad has hit back at his critics, stating that he and the other selectors are not respected enough for the work they have done for the team. MSK Prasad was the chief selector of the senior Indian men’s and women’s team for four years and was there at the helm from 2016 to 2020. His role was filled with responsibility, and he had to face a lot of criticism and backlash for his and his committee’s decisions. Prasad was in controversy throughout his tenure, and only after his retirement has hit back on the comments. 

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The major controversy he and his committee were found in involved current Indian team captain Virat Kohli and his wife and Bollywood Actress Anushka Sharma. During a match in which Kohli was playing, and Anushka was in the stands watching the game, one of the chief selectors was seen serving tea to the latter. This became national news, and the picture became viral within minutes. The questions that were being asked were that there is some bias towards the actress because she is the captain’s wife. That is why she is being treated in such a manner. The matter took a lot of heat when former Indian team captain Farrokh Engineer criticised Prasad and his committee and called them a “Mickey mouse committee.” His justification was considered accurate by people and Indian team fans as they were known to leave out people who performed well in the domestic circuit and the IPL. Prasad especially has been criticised a lot for backing players but not giving opportunities to youngsters at all. He has hit back at the critics now by saying no one will credit the Indian selectors for their role in the Indian victory in Australia earlier this year. Prasad added that the acknowledgment of the team management provides satisfaction. People on the outside, admit it or not, but the inner circle knows what they have done.

This has to be admitted that their work always remains underappreciated, and most of the credit goes to the management and the players, and their staff. But let’s hope everyone moves past this controversy and can build a brighter future for Indian Cricket.