Every sport has one athlete that sets them apart from the rest of the pack. When you hear the name Sachin Tendulkar, cricket is the image that is formed in your head. When you take the name Usain Bolt, athletics is the first thought that comes. Likewise, when the name Roger Federer is heard, Tennis takes centre stage. You cannot associate Roger Federer with anything else than Tennis. He has been one of the greatest players ever to grace this iconic game.

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Federer, as people believe, has played in his last ever Wimbledon tournament, and to see the legend bow out in this fashion, has left the fans shocked and in despair. Federer has never lost in straight sets to any person in Wimbledon for about 19 years until yesterday. 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer was knocked out in the quarter-final of Wimbledon 2021 as the Swiss maestro suffered a straight-set defeat against Poland’s Hubert Hurkacz. Hurkacz, who is ranked 18 globally, produced flawless Tennis to do what had not happened ever in Federer’s decorated career, a 6-0 loss in a set at Wimbledon. Hurkacz defeated the eight-time Wimbledon champion 6-3, 7-6, 6-0 to reach the last four. Credit to Hurkacz, his excellent display of skills and one on one chance helped him win the match clinically. After his clinical performance against Federer, Hurkacz was in tears as he couldn’t believe the feat he had achieved by his brilliant ability. As soon as the match ended, the social media exploded into ruptures, and the fans couldn’t believe what they had just witnessed on centre court. All the fans were astonished by the proximity of the result, but the fans did an excellent thing by praising the opponent’s game, due to which this result took place. The fans certainly didn’t believe that this might be the last ever game Federer plays at the most iconic stages of them all.

Federer hasn’t made any clarifications as of now about his future but, it looks like he must look on to the next grand slam to make his return and take some time off the game, to focus on himself and his growth as a player. Hurkacz is the second male tennis player from Poland after Jerzy Janowicz reached the semis of a major. Janowicz reached the Wimbledon semi-final in 2013. This is a fantastic achievement for him, and he would be looking to pounce on this splendid opportunity to get to the finals.