Thanks to coronavirus, there’s a shortage in streetwear in the UK. According to a report by The Guardian, it has become clear that the retailers are facing an immense struggle to meet the demands for athleisure and streetwear.

With almost everyone working from home these days, wearing comfortable clothing is the main motive. Items such as tracksuits, trainers, and running gear are in a high demand, making it harder to find them.

A detailed report by fashion analysis company Edited, states that the amount of sportswear styles selling out online in the UK last month were 17 per cent up on the same time last year. If the country ends up heading into a full lockdown, that figure is expected to rise even higher. As a result of the different restrictions across the world, clothing brands and retailers are struggling to get stock from their overseas warehouses, especially from countries such as Bangladesh and Indonesia.

Online retailer ASOS has acknowledged this problem, where CEO Nick Beighton saying he doesn’t expect supply to return to its normal levels until Spring 2021.

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