Remember when everyone went gaga over Emily’s outfit when ‘Emily In Paris’ was released in October? Looks like The Queen’s Gambit has dethroned it and is now known for its fashion.

Released three weeks later after Emily In Paris, the show has taken over everyone’s screens and brought viewers into Beth Harmon’s wonderful world of chess. The show follows Harmon’s chess career and struggles with addiction throughout the ’60s that she handles in style, wearing one iconic look after another throughout the seven episodes.

Queen's Gambit

Beth’s clothing has been a major aspect of showing the situations in the entire series. This navy mini skirt and the striped top has added a simple yet modern touch to her personality and the cat-eye sunglasses made even cooler. The series’ costume designer told The Hollywood Foreign Press Association: “We are starting to see her personality – that of a young girl, as she grows in confidence, and moves into her own – both at the chessboard and in life.”

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Queen's Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit takes place in the ’50s and ’60s but Harmon’s character has been styled in a way that can be easily adopted by today’s viewers. Some of the options such as the checkered coats, satin blouses, pleated skirts and tops that she has wears can be easily worn in today’s modern world, giving it a vintage look as well.

Queen's Gambit

As the show progresses, we can see the character embracing femininity. When she gets the resources to buy clothing that she always wanted to get, the fashion easily topped in the second half of the series. The costume designer opted to dress Harmon in bright coloured clothing, which includes more of dresses and skirts. Rather than trying to be “one of the boys” in her male-dominated field, Harmon instead embraces her otherness by wearing the most glamorous and womanly clothing she can find.

The costumes have played an important role in showcasing the storyline that brought a dramatic effect to the show.

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