Tech giant Google on Thursday rolled out its new feature in the Google Home App — ‘Find Your Lost iPhone’. iPhone users can now find their device by using the Google home app.

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Earlier, Apple users had to use ‘Find My Service’ app on their handsets to find their lost device. To locate your device via Google Home, there is a Siri integration on board which on providing with a command that “where is my iPhone,” will send a voice notification to the iPhone, even bypassing the Do Not Disturb mode.

In a blog post shared by Lilian Rincon, Senior Director of Product Management for Google Assistant, Rincon stated, “You can tell your Nest smart speaker or smart display, “Hey Google, find my phone,” for all devices, now including iPhone models. For iPhone devices, once you opt in to receiving notifications and critical alerts from the Google Home app, you’ll get a notification and hear a custom ringing sound (even when the phone is on silent or if Do Not Disturb is enabled).”

The only backdrop of this feature is that it will not show the location of the device on maps. In ‘Find My Service’ app, the location of the device is shown on maps helping the users to track their iPhone. And moreover, you need to have Google Home app downloaded on your iPhone to use this new feature. Most carefree iPhone users will find this helpful in finding lost devices nearby. Do note that the feature is helpful only if the phone is within close proximity.