PUBG Mobile game was the biggest game that the nation went crazy for. The craze by Indians was much bigger than what we see for the Pokemon game as well. But sadly, PUBG was banned in India since the country is in a cold war with China. The game was developed and produced in China, and if India removed itself as the most significant revenue stream for the Chinese signals out, we could survive without the game. 

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There was outrage, and people wanted a new game to get addicted to; the Indian government and veteran actor Akshay Kumar did just that by launching FAUG on the auspicious day of Republic day this year. Unfortunately, the game was a significant failure since it couldn’t handle the user load, wasn’t up to date, and had many bugs. This led to the revival of PUBG mobile games but in a different version, which meant that only India could play that particular game. The game was expected to be released in the first week of June and the date mentioned was June 8, 2021, but there is no sign of any game. Even though the game is there on the AppStore and PlayStore, it can’t be downloaded as of now. 

Till then, let’s go over some policy changes which will be different from the older version. Krafton developers have majorly focused on the minor aspect of the game and wanted to monitor children under eighteen and how it can be controlled. Firstly, all gamers under eighteen will have to take permission from parents to play the game. It seems impossible to monitor and control, but the developers have found a unique way for this. Gamers below eighteen will have to register from their parent’s phone number instead of their phone number. The only flaw from this is that it would be challenging for the developers to figure out whether the number provided by the gamers is actually of their parents or guardians. If and when they figure it out, the last main policy change is that the gamers will not be allowed to play more than three hours a day if their age is below eighteen years. If parents or guardians feel that their ward is addicted to the game, they can contact the developers and request them to disable the account. If used appropriately, these changes are pretty excellent and can reduce the hype in the minor age group by a lot. 

Whenever the developers tend to release the game, we’ll hope it has the same craze and hype as it had previously for the game, and at the same time wish they can live up to the long wait the Indian people had to do.