Voice notes are an excellent feature for conveying long messages in a short period. They help save time for the person who needs to convey the message and the person who needs to interpret the message. Whatsapp was the first to add the feature of Voice notes to text in their application, and indeed it was a welcome addition. There is no fixed time duration for a particular voice note and can go on until the person wants the message. Whatsapp has come once again and added a new feature to the existing one by introducing the fast play feature in the voice notes.

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This feature helps the user listen to any voice note sent to him/her at an average 1x speed or the two new 1.5x or 2x speeds. The way to use this feature in WhatsApp is to press play on a voice message; you will see the playback speed appear, which is set to 1x by default. Touch the speed to increase the speed to 1.5x or 2x, then press play. This is a great thing as the message will still be apparent to the user and help save time for both the personnel. Within the last year or so, Whatsapp added two modes of recording voice notes, which greatly benefit the users who use Voice notes daily. WhatsApp has two ways of recording voice messages; one is, push and talk. As the name suggests, users can press and hold the mic button to record short messages. The second mode is more beneficial to record longer messages using the hands-free option. The user can open an individual or group chat, touch the microphone icon and slide up to lock hands-free recording.

Whatsapp, in a statement, has also clarified that they are looking at other variables and things that can help and make the application better off for the user. They stated to look forward to an application on Ipad and further can be used on multiple devices. There is no certainty about when these features will arrive, but we will have to wait and watch until then.