5 Reasons To Make Meditation Your New Year's Resolution
5 Reasons To Make Meditation Your New Year’s Resolution

The beginning of a year brings fresh hope for change – a willingness to let go of habits or people that are hurting our growth.

The beginning of a year brings fresh hope for change – a willingness to let go of habits or people that are hurting our growth. It’s also a time of commitment, to doing better, to living more.


Meditation is a powerful technique that allows us to master our minds, to align the incredible forces of our conscious and subconscious minds so that we achieve our goals.


To be mindful is to be aware and inhabit the present moment, rather than thinking about the past or worrying about the future.


Mindfulness meditation offers the chance of renewal at every moment, and helps us become aware of and change old patterns of thought and behaviour that prevent us from achieving our full potential.


Meditation decreases stress and boosts the immune system as well giving us the energy to translate ideas into action. 


Let’s look at some reasons why we think you should definitely incorporate it in your daily life. 


For a happier life 



We are conditioned to look for happiness outside ourselves. And we sometimes spend a lifetime chasing one goal after another, in the hope of happiness, only to find that happiness eludes us. Meditation connects us with peace, contentment and happiness that are always within. And this along with our best efforts helps us achieve happiness, success and a balanced life.


To realize your complete potential



You have infinite potential, innumerable talents and strengths. But, this potential is not tapped because of deep seated fears, inhibitions, conflicts, and an inability to focus the power of your mind. Meditation helps unleash your full potential. It gives you insights about your own self, your true strengths and interests; and dissolves conflict and fears.  The untrained mind is like untethered horses that are all pulling in different directions. Meditation aligns these forces, so that the mind is working with ease, in the direction of your goals.


To decrease stress



Almost everyone is stressed these days, and we can easily ignore the fact that chronic stress harms mind and body. Meditation has been proven by research to reverse the biological stress reaction, reducing stress hormones, and calming the brain, mind, and body.


To make positive changes in life



Life is always changing and yet we often find it difficult to change. We continue old patterns of behavior, and find it very uncomfortable to change even when we know that the change is good for us. The practice of meditation makes us more accepting of ourselves and paradoxically this acceptance is the precursor to meaningful and powerful change. From letting go of addictions to learning  new skills, to trying out new experiences,  meditation helps break through inner resistance and inertia and helps us make positive changes in our life.


To improve relationships and communication



The key to good relationships is empathy – the ability to see the world from the other person’s eyes and to be accepting and compassionate. Science proves that these qualities can be cultivated and improved by mediation practices. Regular meditation improves deep listening, helps us be non-judgmental and thereby transforms relationships.


We often overlook the fact that the quality of our life, our happiness is dependent on our mind and so if we are to keep healthy, then we must take care of not just the body but also the mind.


Meditation is an ancient and  scientifically proven method of being mentally more fit, ,compassionate creative and happy.


Make 2018 the year you make mediation part of your life.


Dr. Shyam Bhat is a Psychiatrist and Mental Wellness Expert at Curefit. 

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