Supercars With Manual Transmission; BMW M2, Aston Martin Valour And More
5 Supercars That Are Keeping It Classic With A Manual Transmission

The British marque, Aston Martin, recently brought back the V12 motor paired with a manual gearbox in the new Aston Martin Valour

The era of manual transmission supercars isn’t dead…yet. A couple of weeks ago BMW launched the updated M2 sports coupe in India with a stick shift. The launch was followed by the unveiling of the limited edition Aston Martin Valour, which not only bought back the V12 motor but a manual gearshift as well. To celebrate this, we’ve taken a look at our top five picks that are yet to “shift” into the soulless world of automatic transmission and still like to do things the old way.


2023 Toyota Supra



Image Credits – Toyota


The Toyota Supra’s reputation has suffered in recent times internationally, with some claiming it to be just another re-badged BMW. Regardless though, the moniker still holds its own weight, with a reputation of being a driver-focused car. Good news is, the 2023 model continues the tradition by offering a choice of manual and automatic transmission to the buyer.


2023 Porsche 911



Image Credits – Porsche


Porsche perhaps is one of the only brands that’s managed to offer blistering performance with many trim options as possible (for an extra $$ of course), including the availability of a gearbox and a clutch. While its PDK transmission is something to rave about, the feeling of shifting gears manually on the Sport Classic and GT3 still remains unparalleled.


2023 Ford Mustang



Image Credits – Ford


Continuing in a similar vein, American powerhouse Ford follows the tradition by providing a standard six-speed manual option for the 2.3-litre EcoBoost and 5.0-litre Coyote V-8 powered vehicles, including the latest generation Mustang.


2023 Dodge Challenger



Image Credits – Dodge


Speaking of American muscle, Dodge has also chosen to uphold tradition with its 2023 Challenger. The latest iteration of the car comes with a three-pedal option, a sight for the sore eyes! 


Koenigsegg CC850



Image Credits – Koenigsegg


In celebration of its fifty years of existence, Koenigsegg achieved something remarkable with the limited-edition CC850. Restricted to only 50 units worldwide, this supercar boasts a one-of-a-kind manual transmission, which can seamlessly switch to automatic mode at the driver’s preference.

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