Want a colour-changing car, a theatre in your backseat or a car with no steering wheel? Here’s some clever car tech that made its way to CES 2022.

CES 2022 gave us motorheads a lot of reasons to be excited about. From a colour changing car to a full-blow 8K screen in your backseat, we list out some of the showstoppers that got our hearts revving.

BMW’s Color-Changing iX Flow Concept Car

BMW no longer wants you to fret over what color you should pick for your car. The Bavarian carmaker showcased its iX Flow concept car – one that can change body colour with a push of a button. The concept is covered in a special ‘E ink’ wrap that uses the same technology as your Kindle, that allows it to go from white to dark grey. How does it exactly work? Find out here.

Cadillac’s Fully Autonomous Driving Experience

The future from the Jetsons is here. Well, almost. General Motors showcased a Cadillac that doesn’t even have a steering wheel. The concept car is called the InnerSpace, a pure electric, two-passenger sedan with fully autonomous driving.

So what is in place of the steering wheel? A huge wraparound LED screen, of course, that can play movies or display virtual scenery, while you commute. GM also says that the concept is smart enough to recognize the passengers from their voice when they approach the doors.

Before you get too excited, let us remind you that it is still a concept and part of GM’s ‘Halo Concept Portfolio’ which includes a product that someday will ferry people around in flying taxis.

BMW’s Theatre Screen

Right, so we can’t replace the steering wheel just yet. So how about a full-blown theatre screen at the back of your car? BMW showcases something called the ‘Theatre Screen,’ which is a massive 31-inch panorama display, with 8K resolution. It drops down from the ceiling via a push of a button, transforming the passenger space into a private cinema. Read more about it here.

1000km-range Mercedes-Benz EV

Mercedes has built a car that can go from Mumbai to Bengaluru on a single charge. Called the Vision EQXX concept, the EV has a range of 1,000km. That’s 100 miles more than the rangiest electric car in the market right now. It also comes with a massive 8K infotainment system and a solar panel attached to the roof. But, will we ever see this go into production? Find out here.

LG Omnipod RV

The pandemic has blurred the line between work and home over the last two years. Cashing in on this, LG has come up with an ingenious solution to combine both, and throw in a dash of travel. Called the Omnipod concept, the LG “bus” offers fully autonomous driving, a mobile office, a cinema and even a virtual shopping mall.

Additionally, it has a special ‘Camping Mode’ which transforms the entire cabin’s lush scenery in a virtual sense. The floor has also been fitted with a screen, which lets you customize the entire ambience of the cabin. But before you get too excited, LG has stated that it has no plans of bringing the concept into production.