5 Luxury Car Cabins That Will Shy Any 5-Star Hotel Room; Rolls-Royce Phantom, BMW 7 Series And More
Luxury Car Cabins That Are Way Cooler Than Hotel Suites

From 31-inch 8K displays to noise-cancellation seats, these luxury saloons on wheels offer an executive experience not even the fanciest hotels can compete with

Lately, there’s been a universal push from carmakers to cram as much luxury as they can into the cabins of their premium offerings. In a bid to out-luxury the competition, today’s car cabins offer the same amount of creature comfort, if not more, than some fancy hotel suits. Sounds too good to be true? Here are our five picks that are proof:


2023 Rolls-Royce Phantom



Image Credits – Rolls-Royce


For decades, this British marquee has been redefining what luxury on wheels looks like. For instance, the Phantom’s cabin is made entirely of high-quality materials that are as expensive as some commercial cars. Along with copious amounts of soft-touch panels and premium leather, the Phantom also offers a mini fridge, two infotainment panels, independent reclining, seat ventilation, and of course its famous suicide doors and ‘star-studded’ sunroof.


Bentley Continental GT



Image Credits – Bentley


While the Flying Spur makes a great case for itself, it is the Continental GT we have our sights fixated over. Apart from packing a V8 motor, the GT’s interiors come finished with nearly two miles of thread, put together with a total of 310,675 stitches. Not to mention, the additional luxury it comes with such as extended legroom, a $7,300 sound system and of course massage seats.


2023 BMW 7 Series



Image Credits – BMW


The all-new 7 Series has received its fair share of flake, no thanks to its controversial new kidney-grille design. But step inside and you’ll be transported into a movie theatre, no seriously. The latest gen model comes with a retractable 31-inch 8K OLED display for the rear passengers while offering state-of-the-art features like soft touch fabrics, a touch-screen panel for interior lighting, highly customisable seat configurations and more.


2023 Mercedes-Benz S-Class



Image Credits – Mercedes-Benz


Not to be done by its German compatriot, Mercedes has taken its luxury quotient to a new level with its all-new S-Class. Starting from the dashboard itself, which now comprises three different screens joined together to form a massive 56-inch panel. Take a seat at the back and you’ll notice a dual digital setup with an optional ‘Rear Seat Comfort Package’ that allows you to turn your seat into a bed, by folding the seat in front of you. All of this comes with the added luxury of climate control, leg support cushion, a Burmester sound support, ambient lighting and more.


Range Rover SV



Image Credits – JLR


Yes, the flagship Range Rover does offer a few additional nitty-gritty than the SV. However, if our recent endeavour with the luxury SUV has taught us anything is that this Rangies cabin is nothing to scoff at either. From a 24-way adjustable heated, cooled and hot stone massage to a whole cooled compartment with glasses in the rear cabin, this Range Rover signifies the way elites lead their everyday lives.

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