The New Maserati GranTurismo Looks Equally Gorgeous In Its Electric & Petrol Avatars  
The New Maserati GranTurismo Looks Equally Gorgeous In Its Electric & Petrol Avatars  

The GranTurismo returns with some major changes while still oozing the same oomph

Maserati’s electric renaissance seems to be in full swing, with the introduction of the all-new, all-electric GranTurismo Folgore. A trademark name which will accompany all of the Italian brand’s electric offerings.   


Gone is the V8 motor, replaced with an all-electric powertrain, which Maserati claims is quite a few seconds faster than its ICE predecessor. But in case you’re still lamenting over the fossil-fuel-powered offering, the company will still offer a few V6-powered options – the Modena and Trofeo.  


Image credits: Maserati   


Living up to its name, the Gran Turismo has all the traits and characteristics of a grand tourer. The coupe-like design is unmistakable, with an extra-long bonnet, with two deep creases on either side of it. Underneath it, sits the company’s iconic grille, which we couldn’t tell from the pictures is closed-off or not. Then there’s the distinctive coupe-roofline, giving it a hunkered-down look.   


As we mentioned earlier, Maserati will continue to offer two ICE-powered counterparts, along with the Folgore, both of which will combine the V6 prowess with an electric motor (497PS on the Modena, 557PS on the Trofeo). Design-wise though, they’ll look fairly similar to the electric offering, except for the changes to the grille, lower front bumper and the addition of the quad exhaust pipes at the back.  


Image credits: Maserati   


We’re yet to see the inside the cabin, but if you stare at your computer screen a bit closely, you may also notice a dual-tone interior theme, which we’re sure comes with the finest of leathers. Of course, all bits of necessary bells and whistles are expected to feature here, keeping the passengers safe and entertained.   


Image credits: Maserati   


Coming to numbers, the Folgore packs three electric motors, churning out a combined output of 770PS with the help of a 92.5kWh battery pack, which allows for 270kW fast charging. Maserati claims a range of nearly 100km (62 miles) with a five-minute charge. There are no details on its overall range yet. Speaking about the important bits, the Folgore covers a 0-100kmph sprint in just 2.7 seconds compared to 3.5seconds for the Trofeo and 3.9 seconds for the Modena.


Image credits: Maserati  


Pricing information is yet to be revealed, although we do know that international deliveries are supposed to commence sometime in mid-2023. As far as the India launch is concerned, expect it to arrive on our shores early next year.

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