Pininfarina Battista EV Enters Production; Claims To Do 0-100kmph In 1.8 Seconds
Pininfarina Battista Which Can Do 0-100kmph In 1.8 Seconds Has Entered Production 

We really hope the Mahindra group, which owns 76 per cent stake in the company, brings it to India

Reputed Italian auto design house, Pininfarina, that’s been behind some of the best supercars like Ferraris, Alfas, Peugeot, Fiat, GM, Lancia, and Maserati will now be branching out on their own, with their first offering called the ‘Battista’. Named after its founder, Battista “Pinin” Farina, the all-electric supercar claims to put out a whopping 1900PS of power and will cost around $2 million per unit!


But fret not. You’ll have plenty of time to look for that extra chunk of change, as the Battista has just entered production and will be available after some time. Touted to be the “world’s first pure-electric hyper GT,” the Battista is designed as a futuristic coupe, which can take on the road and the track. 



What’s more interesting is that the EV will be limited to only 150 units, for the time being, each of which will be built by a team of 10 at the company’s factory in Piedmont, Italy. Pininfarina claims that each EV will take a whopping 1,250 hours to complete, with the even more exclusive Anniversario variant requiring an extra 90 hours of additional work. 



Right, so what is it packing under the hood? For starters, it shares the same powertrain as the Rimac Nevera. It’ll be powered by four electric motors, connected to a 120 kWh battery pack, which churns out 1926PS of power and 2299Nm of torque. This will help the Battista in sprinting from 0 to 100kmph in a whopping 1.8 seconds! All of this, while maintaining a healthy-ish range of 482km. 



In a statement issued by the company, Per Svantesson, CEO said “The Battista hyper GT is the realization of a dream, which began with design icon Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina’s ambition to create a beautiful car bearing only the Pininfarina name. We are proud to have achieved that goal and in doing so, we lead a movement into an exciting new luxury era, where design purity and a focus on sustainable innovations will shape a series of incredible new vehicles from Automobili Pininfarina.”


What’s even more exciting is that the Mahindra group acquired 76.06 per cent of the company back in 2015 for around €168 million. Could this mean we’ll be able to at least see the EV on our shores, if not own one? We’re keeping our fingers crossed.


Image credits: Pininfarina 

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