Poster-Worthy Cars Of 2023
Poster-Worthy Cars Of 2023

Car design is not dead (yet)

In the last two decades, there has been, so to speak, a technological boom in the world of automotive vehicles. Cars have become more powerful, aerodynamic, and even eco-friendly. However, amidst all this progress, design seems to have taken a back seat. Look closely, and you’ll notice the prevalence of the same sleek, futuristic design that has become a somewhat monotonous norm. Yet, there are a few that have broken away from this mould. To celebrate that we’ve taken a look at five of the best-looking cars we’ve seen in the last year.


Aston Martin DB12



Aston Martin faced the daunting challenge of surpassing the DB11, and remarkably, they’ve succeeded. The brand-new Aston Martin DB12, introduced on our shores this year, retains the DB11’s silhouette while making subtle enhancements. It revises the headlamp assembly with an entirely new three-piece DRL, and the expanded grille contributes to a more aggressive appearance while improving airflow.


Lamborghini Revuelto



One might assume that the best aspect of a Lamborghini is its engine, but in reality, it’s the authenticity. A Lamborghini stands out unmistakably, owing to the Italian brand’s deliberate choice to craft each offering in the distinctive Lamborghini style, including its new hybrid model, the Revuelto. Departing from the rounded, curvy silhouette of contemporary sports cars, the Revuelto features an angular front end, complemented by sharp yet muscular panels and Y-shaped LED DRLs.


Maserati MC 20



Maserati has always made good-looking cars, yet the MC20 might stand as one of their best designs in quite some time. It maintains the signature clean and understated lines typical of a Maserati, but also incorporates a more aggressive touch, with its broader grille and the introduction of butterfly doors enhancing its appeal and sporty credentials. 


Ferrari Purosangue



The Purosangue might be an SUV, but it’s still a Ferrari SUV and it shows. The first car in the Prancing Horse’s stable with four doors, the Purosangue continues to get the same sophistication of sleek and aggressive design, complimented by its sporty silhouette.


McLaren Artura



McLaren and Lamborghini, both unapologetically true to themselves, share striking similarities. Just as the Revuelto’s design differs, the Artura breaks away from the current norm of futuristic aesthetics, opting for an aggressive angular appearance. This is contrasted by subtle yet sporty bodywork and, naturally, the inclusion of butterfly doors.

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