Me & My Body: All Things Fitness With Amit Sadh
Me & My Body: All Things Fitness With Amit Sadh

He can put most ‘fitfluencers’ to shame. Amit Sadh’s secret is nothing but vigorous exercise, and the actor is finally spilling the beans on all it takes to look like #fitnessgoals


Weekly Fitness Routine


My fitness routine keeps changing as per the script’s demands and the character’s appearance. Currently, I am filming for Breathe 3, and I have to look a certain way to portray Kabir Sawant. I went through meticulous bodybuilding and training sessions, coupled with indoor spinning. But all these sessions were moderate and not highly intense, meeting the requirement.



Three Must-Have Gym Equipment At Home


A floor workout mat, a stationary bike if it’s affordable, and kettlebells


One Fitness Myth He Wants To Bust


I was misled in terms of protein intake. When I was younger, I would eat a lot of protein and feel bloated, feeling uncomfortable to an extent that I was constipated. Commercial protein shakes are not good. I know many protein shakes makers will be irked by this statement. Consult health experts to determine the right amount of food you need to take. Understand how your body functions and listen to your body.


Diet On A Regular Day


I like to keep my meals simple and mindful. I start my day with oats coupled with eggs. I hydrate myself throughout the day with fluids. I have soup, a bowl of salad, veggies, dal, and roti, along with buttermilk for lunch. I am always early to bed and an early riser, so I finish my dinner early, where I eat fish with some wholesome veggies.


Muscle Group He Loves And Hates To Work On


I don’t indulge in any form of bias. I pay attention to each part of my body and ensure I work on it. I pick a sport and indulge in some form of martial art as per my interest, and couple it with weight training, focusing on the entire body. I am impartial that way.


Fitness Trainer He Follows For Guidance


Jon Jon Park is my absolute all-time favourite coach. I love his approach to training and guiding me in my physical transformation and fitness journey.


Top Three Gym Tracks That He Listens To


I am back to rock these days. My favourite grooves include Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, and Lenny Kravitz.


If Not In The Gym…


Martial arts, trekking, or any activity that excites me and helps me keep fit physically and mentally. One should do it with utmost discipline and consistency. I walk my fur babies, Coca and Brando, and the three of us are in our fittest form (laughs).


Fitness Idols


I look up to many athletes for their commitment, determination to go out there, being resilient with each passing day, and coming back stronger and fitter.

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