Fake news in India has become a growing trend and has to be reduced in the coming years. Media and Bollywood are the two sides that never go hand-in-hand. Actors and actresses often have to come and take it to social media to deny any facts about any drama, controversy, or anything true or false about them. Akshay Kumar, the great veteran actor who has performed well over a hundred films, had to consider social media to deny a rumour about him being a lead in the movie.

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Akshay Kumar is often known to be the lead actor of every film he does. This is because he gives his 1000% in every shot, every take, and every movie he is a part of. Akshay is considered to be one of the sorted and versatile actors of all time. His versatility is one of the best in the industry, and this can be proved by his roles in Laxmi Bomb and Airlift. Two completely different stories and two completely different roles for Akshay, and he has nailed both of them. The closing of cinemas didn’t stop him from getting success through OTT platforms. Rumours were going around that Akshay has been offered a role in part four of the Dhoom series. It would have been an excellent signing for the Dhoom team, as Akshay is known for his action and comedy and can do both in a movie which is a role that can be well suited for the film. But unfortunately, Akshay has come out, and straight-up denied any rumours of this being true. Akshay Kumar said this in an interview, and when the journalist asked him about the rumors of him being part of Dhoom 4, he had only two words for the journalist and the fans that it is “Fake News.” This statement very well pans out and puts an end to all the rumours that were being spread in the industry.

Akshay has never been shy of denying anything and has been known for telling the truth to the public almost all the time. He has done a similar thing this time around and speaks well about his dignity and credibility in the Bollywood industry.

Image Credit: DNA India