GI tagged Joynagar moa is being exported for the first time in over a century. According to the Hindustan Times, authorities have stated that if the export of the Joynagar moa to Bahrain is successful, they will go ahead with other future consignments. The highly perishable product which is made of Kanakchur Khoi, ghee, khoya kheer, nolen gur, cardamon, raisins and cashew nuts might also be exported to Italy and Canada.

“This is for the first time Joynagar Moa is being exported since it was introduced in 1904. As of now, we are exporting only 45 kilos of Moa, along with 105 kilos of Patali Gur [date palm jaggery], another winter delicacy,” said Joynagar Moa Nirmankari Society secretary Ashok Kumar Kayal, according to Hindustan Times.

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Joynagar Moa obtained the prestigious GI tag in 2014 – since then, only about 25 manufacturers from Joynagar in South 24 Parganas district in West Bengal are authorised to prepare the popular Bengali delicacy.

“It [export] is a trial run. Normally, the shelf life of moa is five days. But we are sending them in special boxes packed in dry ice. If we find that it can be stored for at least 9-10 days, more consignments would follow to European and American countries later this month and in the coming month,” said Sandeep Saha, regional in-charge of Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), reports HT.

The popular dish costs about Rs 30 with packets containing six pieces being sold for around Rs 150. The Joynagar Moa was first prepared in 1904 by Ashutosh Das who was a resident of Joynagar.

Another popular Bengali delicacy is Sheddo Bhaat.

“Often also referred to as Bhaatey Bhaat, boiled rice is served with a string of boiled vegetables, dal, and eggs, with sides of salt, raw onion, raw green chillies, butter, ghee, and mustard oil. The beauty of cooking Sheddho Bhaat is that it’s a one-pot, one-cook meal. You dump the vegetables and de-shelled eggs with the rice, throw in the dal too, tied in a muslin cloth pouch, and it all gets cooked together,” writes Executive Editor Arnesh Ghose in his Deep Fried column.

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