Weird food combinations are something that are accidentally created, or just something born out of simple human curiosity. When it’s limited to household kitchens, it seems acceptable, but when one of the world’s biggest food chains decides to unveil a weird food combo, brows are raised, and gag reflexes are engaged.

McDonald’s China is reportedly going to launch a new product — a “Spam burger” topped with crushed Oreos. The limited-time burger features a sandwich made with two slices of Spam, mayo, and topped with Oreo crumbs. Are you still lovin’ it?

The announcement was made on Chinese social media platform Weibo last week and made its way to Twitter when video game analyst Daniel Ahmed tweeted about it. “Look, I saw this so you have to see it too. Sorry, that’s how it works,” he said in the tweet.



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Naturally, netizens raised their concerns about the new product. “How the hell does an Oreo work in a burger?? disgusting,” said one Twitter user.

“Seriously one of the most disgusting burgers I ever heard of,” added another.

Ahmed followed up his tweet with a follow-up tweet, saying, “To respond to some of the questions. Yes, people in China hate this too. Some of y’all saying “Why would China do this” seem to have forgotten that McDonald’s is an American company. If anything this is a declaration of war on China by the US.”

According to the report, around 400,000 of the limited edition burgers will be sold. The burgers will be rolled out from December 21, and is set to be priced at ¥13.14 RMB (approximately $2 USD) each.


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