Here’s Why Emma Chamberlain Is Being Slammed For Wearing A Choker To Met Gala 2022

The choker was created by Cartier with 2,930 diamonds and a 234.65 carat De Beers diamond as the centrepiece.

Met Gala 2022 was a glamorous affair but many stars failed to impress people with their red carpet looks. Kim Kardashian, being the highlight of that day, got people upset about the fact that she wore Marylin Monroe’s iconic dress for the event. While the conversation about her dress disappeared in thin air quickly, another star is now being slammed for her dress. YouTuber Emma Chamberlain, who is the newest ambassador of Cartier jewels, is being slammed for wearing Maharaja of Patiala’s diamond choker to Met Gala 2022.


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The YouTuber had paired the choker with custom-made Louis Vuittion dress. The choker, also known as the 1928 Patiala Necklace, was designed by Cartier with 2,930 diamonds and a 234.65 carat De Beers diamond. The neckpiece was allegedly stolen by the British forces in India and repurchased by Cartier. Keeping the “gilded glamour” theme in mind, Chamberlain must have thought that the choker would be the right choice for the event. However, this did not sit very well with the internet.


Since the choker originally was owned by the Maharaja of Patiala Bhupinder Singh and was made in 1928 after he decided to turn his De Beers diamond into an heirloom choker, people were upset with Chamberllain for wearing such an antique piece to the Met Gala 2022

“This choker is a piece of India’s stolen history, not a fancy piece of jewellery to lend out to celebrities or youtubers. I found this disrespectful on so many levels,” a user wrote. The YouTuber is now trending on Twitter for the very same reason. 

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The said choker includes five rows of platinum chains embellished with precious stones. The Patiala royal had reached out to Cartier to design his gemstones and diamonds into the choker which weighed over a thousand carats. The centre yellow 234.6-carat De Beers diamond is the size of a golf ball and the seventh-largest diamond in the world.


 The necklace went missing from the Patiala royal treasury in 1948. The De Beers diamond from the choker reappeared after 34 years at a 1982 Sotheby’s auction. Part of the necklace appeared in a small antiques shop in London as well. The necklace was then bought by Cartier and they replaced the missing stones with replicas. 

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