Netflix Rolls Out Two Thumbs Up Feature Along With Exsisting Thumbs Up And Down
‘Thought It Was An Onion Story’: Internet Reacts To Netflix’s New ‘Two Thumbs Up’ Feature 

Netflix has more user customization options coming soon

Netlix is coming up with a unique way to curate your homepage recommendations. Users now will be able to give a Two Thumbs Up rating for the content they liked. How does this make things different you may ask? 


For starters, the new feature will join the existing Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down options. However, in case you really like a particular documentary, say The Tinder Swindler or Bad Vegan, for instance, the Two Thumbs Up option will recommend you something in a similar vein like Trust No One: The Hunt for the Crypto King

While speaking to The Verge, the Christine Doig-Cardet, director of product innovation and personalization experiences at Netflix elaborated further on the new feature, saying “Being able to find the shows and movies that you’re going to love is really important. We want to continue to make Netflix the place where it’s easiest to choose something to watch.”

The streaming giant has been heavily focusing on improving its user experience for years now. Only recently the company announced its foraying into Cloud Gaming. Additionally, the streaming service also offers a Play Something feature, which as it sounds, plays a show/movie/documentary based on your liking. 

But that’s not it. To help its customer base in navigating through the huge library the company is working on bringing more customization tools and features. As per Christine Doig-Cardet, “It’s a huge part of where we want to invest — providing those mechanisms to give more of the control back to the user to help tailor their experience to their personal taste.”

Does this mean a Two Thumbs Down button is on its way? 

Twitter, as always, had some thoughts on this new Netflix feature…

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